Samples of Courses

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IME-301 Engineering Materials

Students will learn how to specify suitable materials for a given application based on mechanical properties determined from experimental data. The selection of alternative metals, ceramics, polymers and composites, and the management of materials properties to satisfy design requirements will be discussed. Students will see how processing changes structure and how this change in structure affects the mechanical properties of materials. Students will be expected to communicate their findings in oral, written and visual form.


IME-100 Interdisciplinary Design and Manufacturing

This introductory class exposes students to basic design principles, the materials of manufacture, their structure and properties, and methods of processing them into everyday products. A laboratory experience provides hands-on experience in many of these processes. A second laboratory provides experience in mechanical design and electrical and computer manufacturing.

IME-601 Fundamentals of Manufacturing Engineering


A general overview of the field of Manufacturing Engineering is provided in this course. Topics introduced include: various manufacturing processes, materials, quality assurance, quality control, safety, ISO/QS 9000, process and facilities planning, project management, and lean manufacturing. This course is delivered entirely via the internet.


MECH-212 Mechanics of Materials

The fundamental topics of this course include: normal and shear stress and strain, Hooke.s law, Poisson.s ratio, generalized Hooke.s law, axial translation, torsion of circular bars, angle of twist, bending of beams, flexure formula, flexural shear stress, beam deflections, combined stresses, transformation of stresses, Mohr.s circle, statically indeterminate problems, columns. The use of basic computational tools will be introduced at the end of several lecture modules including: axial loading, torsional loading, and flexural loading. Homework and design projects will be assigned.

FYE-101 First Year Foundations

This course will provide critical information on personal, academic and professional development for first-year students. Class discussions will support student engagement in the Kettering community, help make important connections for students to develop a sense of self-governance, and set a foundation for both critical thinking and reflective learning mindset. Students will learn to interact in the academic and cooperative work environments successfully. Mentoring and interaction with the instructors will provide support and guidance for students to be fully integrated into Kettering University. Discussions and assignments will enhance student transition and acclimation to Kettering University.